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Aleppo: A Hidden Gem

Aleppo is an enigma. Wandering the ancient streets, marvelling at the world’s largest citadel, part of the city’s UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site, and absorbing the melting pot of cultures, you feel as if you are the first person to discover this wonderful city after over 6,000 years of existence - Aleppo was 2,500 years old when Rome was built in 750 B.C. to put it in context.

The locals are oblivious to tourists and even in the souk, there is a sense of function that it is for the locals to trade, rather than a forum to entertain the tourists. The smell of naturally made soap from olive oil and laurel, the dazzling local jewellery and rich textiles that are their life-blood, all penetrate the senses.

Shakespeare referenced Aleppo in Macbeth and Merchant of Venice, Agatha Christie wrote two of her novels in the city and Lawrence of Arabia’s unpaid bar bill is framed in the Hotel Baron where he resided. Inspiration and discovery are all around you, or you can just relax, take in the sights and enjoy the wonderful hospitality that beckons in one of the world’s oldest and most fascinating cities.